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'Action is required now' - Isme call for Government action on securing EU tenders

Isme has called on the Government to assist small and medium businesses in learning how to win EU tenders.

The organisation, which has over 10,000 members, said that the Government should nominate one development agency to facilitate and drive international tender consortium information.

Last month the group identified that billions of euro in tendering opportunities would open in the years ahead for Irish businesses as a result of Brexit, as British companies will be forced out of the EU tendering process.

“There is an onus on government to act on these opportunities right now for the sake of the SME sector in Ireland”, Isme ceo Neil McDonnell said.

The group also suggest that the government should charge the Irish diplomatic corps as well as public servants with placing this at the top of Ireland’s list of priorities to mitigate the impact of Brexit.

“We cannot just sit back and assume these opportunities will fall into our laps. We cannot wait. Action by the government is required now”, McDonnell added.

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