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READY BUSINESS PODCAST: How to compete with Amazon & finding your business voice on social media

Amanda Webb’s company Spiderworking specialises in social media for Irish SMEs while Karen Golden, the latest generation of the famous Kennys family bookshop in Galway, explains how they are taking on the likes of Amazon.

The iconic Kennys Bookshop in Galway won the Marketing Institute's All Ireland Small Business Marketing Award last year and since they focused most of their business online since 2006, they now ship to over 200 countries.

But how can an Irish bookshop compete with the likes of Amazon? And what is key to standing out in a crowded online space?

“ is one of only eight online outlets where we sell books,” explains Golden. “But we do also sell books through platforms such as Amazon - ‘co-opetition’ is the phrase that’s used and it’s how you can compete and surive.”

Amanda Webb is a former Assistant Director who worked on films such as Angela’s Ashes and Adam & Paul but has since turned her skills to helping SMEs find their voice and make an impact on social media with her company,

“It’s not about just telling people what you’re doing, it’s about authenticity, honesty and a long term relationship,” she explains.

Just ask Kennys who survived World War II and numerous recessions. It’s about adapting, changing and thinking long term.

For more social media marketing advice and insights, DMX Dublin, the digital marketing conference takes place in the Aviva on March 8th.

The Ready Business show, in association with Vodafone, is available every Thursday via iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and Or subscribe to the RSS feed of the Ready Business Podcast using your favourite podcatcher.

You can check out the full Ready Business Podcast series here.

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