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What is an angel investor and how does it work?


An angel is a high net-worth individual who invests his or her own money in start-up companies in

exchange for an equity share of the businesses. Other important things to know about angels include:


Many angels are former entrepreneurs themselves


They make investments in order to gain a return on their money, to participate in the entrepreneurial

process, and often to give back to their communities by catalyzing economic growth.


Angels make a return on their investment when the entrepreneur successfully grows the business and exits it, generally through a sale or merger


Angels tend to invest in companies that are located near them regionally (or to co-invest in a wider

geography if a local investor they know and trust is involved)

What are angel groups?


In an angel group, individual angels join with other angels to invest collectively in entrepreneurial firms.

Angel organizations come in many forms, but all have certain characteristics:


They meet regularly to review business proposals


Selected entrepreneurs make presentations to the membership of the group


Member angels decide whether to invest in the presenting business


Angels work together to conduct due diligence to validate the plans, statements and history of the

entrepreneurial team


Other points of interest about angel groups are:


The size of angel group investments in entrepreneurial firms varies widely. Groups invest in innovative

firms in a range of industries. The most common, but not exclusive sectors of investment are software,

medical devices, telecommunications, and manufacturing.


While some groups focus on a specific industry area, the majority are open to a variety of areas and

select those markets with which some of their members have expertise

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Kernel Capital Venture Fund

We partner with people of exceptional vision and ability from first time founders to seasoned entrepreneurs – pioneers who innovate and create new products and services.

Davy Capital

Private Company Fundraising

The public capital markets may not always be the most appropriate source of funding for a company. Davy Corporate Finance has the expertise to review a company’s existing capital structure and devise an optimal solution for its future needs. This may involve a fundraising of equity, debt or mezzanine finance.

DELTA Partners

Technology Venture Capital Firm

Delta Partners is a venture capital firm investing primarily in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was established in 1994 and has €250 million under management. Delta is among the most active early stage investors in Europe. The partners' backgrounds in operations, strategy and finance complement the drive and ambition of entrepreneurial management teams.

Frontline Capital

We are a pioneering early-stage venture capital firm, believing in ideas and investing in passion. Frontline Ventures is Europe’s first community-focused fund, creating a platform for innovative tech entrepreneurs building capital-efficient businesses in high-growth markets. Frontline builds long-term relationships with the world-class teams we invest in. We are based in London and Dublin, but invest across Europe.

SOS Ventures

SOSventures has funded over 100 startups. We currently fund at least 50 startups per year through accelerator programs we run.
Are you a potential market champion that is pioneering new ground?
Join one of our accelerators and let’s rock the world together.

Broadlake Capital

Broadlake Capital is an Independent Private Investment Firm focused on investing in Companies where we believe the potential exists for growth and development in partnership with great management teams. The Firm is focused on three distinct forms of investments: Management Buyouts (MBOs/MBIs), Growth Capital & Special Situations. The Firm is focused on taking majority or minority stakes in cash generative businesses with equity investments of between €1m and €10m.

Crescent Capital

Since 1995 Crescent Capital has been supporting and building high-grade venture backed companies in Northern Ireland. We back the creative teams, the determined, the passionate and the indefatigable, the independent thinkers .Crescent has the most experienced venture management team in Northern Ireland.  The team principals have worked together for many years with a track record of investing successfully and delivering success. We bring experience, diligence, ambition and creativity to every investee company.

WhiteRock Capital

WhiteRock Capital Partners has been established to manage the Growth Loan Fund in Northern Ireland. The Fund will focus on providing mezzanine loan finance of £50m to SMEs over the next 5 years.

WhiteRock Capital Partners LLP was established by Braveheart Investment Group and consortium partners NEL Fund Managers and Clarendon Fund Managers.


Seedrs is an FCA-authorised platform that allows you to raise equity investment from friends, family, members of your community and other independent investors throughout Europe, all directly through our website. You can start creating an investment campaign for your startup at any time. The pitches let you tell your startup story, explaining your business idea, target market, monetisation strategy and team, as well as how much money you are seeking to raise in exchange for how much equity you can offer.


Crowdcube is the world’s leading investment crowdfunding platform. We enable anyone to invest alongside professional investors in start-up, early stage and growth businesses through equity, debt and investment fund options. Join the 125,000-strong crowd looking for more interesting investments - it’s free, quick and has no obligations

CoFunder NI

CoFunder comes from the same, experienced team behind SeedUps, an innovator in the emergent crowdfunding market. We have learned much about the lack of business funding in the two years since we launched SeedUps. With over two thousand start-ups registered on the platform in Ireland, the UK and the USA we continually turn away good local businesses, simply because they do not meet with the SeedUps criteria of being less than two years old (to qualify as a start-up), or they are not in the technology sector.


GoFundMe makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you most. In less than a minute, you'll be able to personalize your fundraising campaign and share it with the people in your life. In fact, over $720M has been raised by GoFundMe users just like you. Watch How it Works 
With GoFundMe, the money you collect goes directly to you. There are no deadlines or limits - each donation you receive is yours to keep. Raising money for yourself or a loved one has never been easier. Plus, we're here to help. GoFundMe will respond to your emails within 5 minutes during the day.


Kickstarter is a community of millions of people committed to creating incredible things — like art, comics, crafts, dance, design, fashion, film, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater. We love seeing creative projects come to life. People from over 200 countries and territories have pledged over $1.3 billion USD to fund amazing projects.

In return, they’ve received incredible rewards, a chance to be involved in a creative process, and the joy of watching more than 72,000 new ideas turn into reality. Kickstarter helps people connect and work together to bring new ideas to life. And now that we’re open in Ireland, it’s easy to set up your project, using all your local details (and setting your funding goal in euro). We can’t wait to see everything you’ll create.


Any established and creditworthy business, whether it is a limited company, sole trader or business partnership, can apply for a loan on LinkedFinance. Some conditions apply. These include:

A If you are a sole trader, you must be a permanent resident of Ireland. B If your business is a partnership, it must have a permanent place of business in Ireland and at least half of its partners must be permanent residents of Ireland .C If your business is a limited company, it must be registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). It must have filed accounts with the CRO (if required to do so) for at least the past two years and at least half of its directors must be Irish residents. D Your business must have been actively trading for at least the past two years. E Your business must meet our minimum credit risk and fraud criteria. F Your business must not have any outstanding judgements for more than €250.

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